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"Step into the exhilarating universe of SUCCESSFUL DEGENERATES, where Adam Kubatzke and the electrifying Nick Curious turn everyday life into a comedy spectacle.


From the heart of Freeport, IL, to the neon-lit excitement of Las Vegas, NV, we're kicking off the audacious SUCCESSFUL DEGENERATES 2.0. Amidst the city's infamous buzz, we unveil our boldest move yet: a reality TV show airing exclusively on ONLYFANS TV. Brace yourselves for a wild ride through our unscripted escapades, where the laughter is loud, the antics are outrageous, and the bonds are unbreakable.


This journey celebrates diversity in all its forms, creating content that resonates across the sexuality spectrum – from bi, gay, to trans narratives, ensuring everyone's story is heard and valued.


Until then, keep laughing, keep loving, and remember – in the world of Successful Degenerates, everyone's welcome, and anything goes. Get ready for an adventure where limits are pushed, norms are challenged, and every day is a gamble in the exhilarating game of life.


Welcome to the thrill ride of SUCCESSFUL DEGENERATES 2.0, where being wildly degenerate isn't just accepted—it's celebrated."


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